Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Planning Our Next Disneyland Trip-What I'm doing to prepare!

We are planning our next Disney trip!

Yes, I still get excited about going to Disneyland, even though we go on a fairly regular basis. Our kids are seasoned Disneyland and DCA guests. They have been on nearly every ride, and have seen nearly every show, that they are able to. Nearly.

On this trip, we will be going at the height of the 60th Anniversary celebration. There will be a new parade to see, new fireworks to see, and a new wardrobe for Mickey and Minnie. 

This will be our first homeschooling trip. If my son were in traditional school, he would be starting first grade this year. We have chosen to homeschool him, in a less traditional sort of way. We'll be doing more of an interest-led approach, to keep the kids wanting to learn, and enjoying what they do learn. I'm thinking we'll start with a "transportation" unit, since Disneyland has many different forms of that!

The last, more exciting, tidbit to this trip is, we'll be going to the D23 Expo! I would love to be able go for all three days, but these 5 kids lack the patience I think they would need for that.

Here is what I am doing now to prepare for our trip (after securing our hotel and expo tickets):

  1. Gathering road trip items (travel games, notepads, chalk).
  2. Sorting Disney clothes, to see who grew out of what.
  3. Printing easy patterns of items to sew before the trip.
  4. Planning my own Disney wardrobe.

I’ll post more in detail about different aspects of our trip later.

After booking your vacation, what’s next on your to-do list?


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  1. Planning to Trips to Disneyland is a very exciting.A well planning is much needed to make our trip successful.